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Connect with your target audience by setting up a holistic
digital marketing strategy.

Social media marketing strategies have become an essential part of any successful digital marketing initiative. In a day and age of a mobile and social digital landscape, it is important to implement a holistic digital marketing approach.

When you actively use social media for your business, you establish a presence in a vast and vibrant online community where your existing and potential customers already spend a lot of time. Social Media, including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, are great tools to create brand awareness, increase leads, drive website traffic and market your products and services.

As social media specialists, we will help you connect with your targeted audience, expand your customer base and reach your business goals.

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CRT Digital Social media paid advertising

Social media paid advertising

We run paid advertising campaigns on social media as part of our service to you. Running ads on social media gives you the opportunity to reach and connect with even more people and may help start conversations and build customer relationships. Setting up paid advertising on social media allows use to create a target audience based on specific customer personas that you would like to reach.

The following types of paid advertising campaigns are available:

Brand awareness - to reach as many people as possible within the targeted audience.

Lead Generation - to collect information from people interested in your brand.

Messages - to start a conversation with people interested in your brand.

Website Traffic - to drive people to your website or online shop.

Engagement - to reach more people that are likely to engage with your business page.

App Installs - to encourage people to download your app.

Video Views - to reach more people that are likely to watch your video.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing remains a powerful tool for businesses to achieve their marketing goals. By leveraging its personalised approach, cost-effectiveness, and measurability, you can engage your audience, build relationships, and drive success for your brand.

Unlike blasting general ads, email allows you to segment your audience and personalize your message. This means sending relevant content to only those who are interested, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

Consistent email campaigns keep your brand at the forefront of your audience's minds. Sharing company news, showcasing new products, and highlighting customer success stories creates brand recognition and positions you as a thought leader.

Additional benefits of email marketing include:

Drive traffic to your website or landing pages.
Promote special offers and discounts.
Gather valuable customer insights through surveys and feedback.
Automate campaigns for efficiency and personalization.
Own your customer data and avoid dependence on external platforms.