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Our website and email hosting services do not include IT, network or email maintenance. If a technical support query is submitted, the first 15 minutes will be used to establish the cause of the problem, if additional support time is required and the issue is not caused by a fault on our servers, an hourly rate will be charged or a quotation will be provided.

Clients that host their website with us receive 1 hour of free website updates per month. If the changes requested will take longer that 1 hour, a quote will be provided. The quote will need to be signed and accepted before the work is scheduled. Please note that our development work, including any website updates, are schedule a week in advance. Any website changes will be scheduled for the upcoming week if received before the previous Friday. Free 1 hour website updates need to be submitted before the 20th of each month.

All support queries should be submitted through our support request page on our website or via our support email address (support@crtgroup.co.za). Requests not sent via these channels may result in unanswered or delayed requests.

Please note that support requests are automatically added to a queue and will be attended to within 24 hours from submitting the request. We make use of AnyDesk (www.anydesk.com) to facilitate support queries. Please download AnyDesk and submit your connection code when completing the form below.

Please be as descriptive as possible.

Allowed formats are .jpg, .png, .jpeg and .gif
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